It takes just 2 lines of code to add Riduce to an app... and one of those lines is an import!

Get rid of your reducer boilerplate

Zero hassle state management that's typed, flexible and scalable.
npm install riduce
yarn add riduce
useReducer superpowers in two lines
import { useRiducer } from 'riduce'

// inside a function component, pass some initialState e.g. from props
const { state, dispatch, actions } = useRiducer(initialState)
Riduce replaces the useReducer hook!
useRiducer is a custom React hook that gives you zero-hassle state management in any functional component.
🎲useRiducer for MadLibs is a full example showing how this comes together.
redux superpowers in two lines
import riduce from 'riduce';

// to get a reducer and actions for a Redux store, pass some initialState
const [reducer, actions] = riduce(initialState);
Riduce works great with Redux, hooks or otherwise!
riduce gives you zero-hassle reducer and action creator generation, plugging straight into Redux's createStore.
🔤Simple usage with Redux is a full example showing how this comes together.
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